How to run your own fashion store!

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If you run your own fashion store, you want to get clothes - buying wholesale women clothing can help you in making a profit. Buy cheap, sell expensive!

Above all, learn what specific style clothing you want to buy. There are millions of distributors and styles on the market, and they can offer any style you wish. Some wholesalers offer only wholesale women clothing, some sell only male or children clothes, so decide what’re you looking for. You need to also consider the capabilities of your customers - compare the retail prices of the products you will sell. Learn what would be your profit margin, how you could shift it from one product to another, and look for the optimal wholesale price.

If you find a brand that’s an absolute must-have, you could try and find a wholesaler of wholesale women clothing that offers it… or you could try directly contacting the designers and producers. Somethimes it’s hard since the brands might require you meet certain standards. Some might require you to solely rely on their products, changing into a member of their franchise - this might not always work out for you. Remember to always read the fine print!

And speaking of, if you are buying wholesale women clothing look at the minimal order sizes. Most wholesalers require you bought a certain number of garments to receive a wholesale discount. For some the discount starts at 100 pieces, for others at 5. Remember that the order often includes also delivery costs. Try to consolidate your purchases, especially when buying from international purchases. Almost always the producers and wholesaler will charge you with the delivery costs - samples might be an exception.

Remember that familiarity with the market of wholesale women clothing might help you achieve success. You also need to know fashion - and learn how it changes and shapes the market.


Why pashmina scarves are fantastic

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Pashmina scarves are fantastic. You can wear a pashmina shawl anywhere you want and anytime you want to wear it. No matter what day or occasion, you can simply wear a shawl. If you want to, you can do it.  Stores are full of cashmere scarves wholesale. It just depends on how you style it and make it work for you. You can use it as a nice, modest top when you hit the beach. It will add some texture to your swimsuit during the summer. But you can naturally also wear a pashmina shawl during the winter season which is mainly the time of the year when lots of people have one.  

In the business world, you can also consider wearing scarves wholesale (though not at once, of course). It is actually a great idea to wear something warm and modest to the office. You should not seem too flashy when it comes to the office. Don't turn your office into a runway - it would be simply ridiculous if you arrived looking very informal with a purple or leopard shawl. Instead, dress in a sophisticated way to impress your colleagues as well as your boss. If you are waiting for that promotion, you better clean up and spruce up your usual corporate attire.

Indeed, neutral colors don't have to be boring. It really depends on how you wear and style them. In fact, there are cases when wearing neutral colored accessories have a much better impact than wearing colorful ones. Learn to tone down when it is more appropriate but also do not be afraid to go all out, depending on the venue and the time. No matter what, you can always wear a gentle, neutral pashmina shawl.  These gentle scarves wholesale are not only going to give you the warmth you need and the corporate look that you are looking for, they can also really make you chic and sophisticated.


Great wholesale women's jackets!

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Every woman is different, every woman wants to look good, and every woman wants to have a good job and act as a professional! And even though every woman's body is unique, we often classify body types as one of four basic shapes. Now, we all know that very few ladies can unambiguously classify themselves as a hourglass or apple shape. However, it is still a useful tool, especially when buying wholesale womens jackets for work! You want to look professionally in a suit jacket and nice pants.


The Apple Body Type

If you're top-heavy, broad-shouldered with slim legs, you're probably an apple. Apples carry most of their weight above their waistlines. They typically have wide shoulders, a decent-sized bust, slim, shapely legs and narrow hips. If you're an apple, you probably might need larger wholesale womens jackets and smaller skirt or trousers for your suit. A very vivid jacket will put more emphasis on your upper body - avoid these. Since your shoulders are already well-defined, avoid padding.


The Pear Body Type

Like the name implies, these ladies have smaller upper bodies, slim waists and rounded bottoms. It's quite likely that your upper body is relatively slim, so your wholesale womens jackets should take advantage of the fact. They should be more structured, and double-breasted jackets emphasise your waist. These ladies also can find that they need to mix and match sizes of the top and the bottom.


The Banana Body Type

Banana-shaped body is rectangular - your torso has more or less the same circumference.  A banana silhouette has little difference bust and hip, and they aren't that larger than the waist. Your jacket should create the sense of waistline, curve gently and add some space to your bust.


The Hourglass Body Type

If a woman's bust and hip measurements match and she has a well-defined, narrow waist, she has an hourglass shape. You'll do well underlining the balance and wearing a nice tailored suit jacket.

Wholesale boots for me and you!

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If you want to prepare for the winter, you should consider your boots!  There are hundreds of wholesale women boots available on the market, after all. The most important step is not to know your dimension - instead, learn what winter is like in the area you live in. If you’re moving in there, definitely ask around on the internet or the future neighbors. If you pick a pair a fancy boots designed for the wrong weather, you will have wasted your money.

Look at the snow, the ice and the general temperature. If there’s more than 2 cm (1 inch) of snow for more than a week or two, you probably want to ditch ankle boots - same goes with slush. If the winter is very slippery, get boots with good rubberized sole! Look at sports goods stores - they typically source their wholesale women boots basing on the comfort and practicality. Look at winter hiking boots or similar ones, and avoid the stilettos!

And if the weather drops below -5 you simply must pick fur-lined boots; I’ve worn plain leather boots outside when it was below zero and it was terrifying. You want boots with a thick inner lining, and put socks on! Look for sheepskin or merino wool interiors. Synthetic linings are also good - a nice blend of polyester and cotton can be also as good as wool.

And what are my favorite brands? Well, consider Kamik, Sorel, Ecco, La Canadienne… but they really depend on where you live. In general if you follow this advice you can find good quality winter boots anywhere. Remember to pick leather or waterproof ones - many cities use salt to melt snow. It eats away at rubber and stains and damages leather. Every day you should wipe off your boots with a damp rag to clean off any salt.