How to dress well?


First of all you need to dress for your size. Many men think that tight clothing is very alluring - but not for large ladies! Tight clothes can be very unattractive if you don’t have the correct body type, and it makes you look even bigger, creating the so-called muffin top, when flabs of fat spill over the waistband. If you wear too big clothes, you look frumpy, if you wear too tight clothes, you can look too slutty.

Some cuts of clothing, on the other hand, work better on the plus sized models, especially ones with large, visible prints - you want your clothes to accentuate your natural build. There should be no creases, no lines between the skin and fabrics. Through the fabric your friends should not see neither your bulges… nor your bones.

Avoid cheap spandex or other cheap materials like jersey, because they can be see-through and too visible. You need to have properly fitted underwear, too. If you’re wearing a tight bra, it creates weird lines in your shirt.

You also need to obtain the basics, a certain group of neutral clothes, and you make it more distinctive with all sorts of accessories. Rely on small accessories to get your personal style rather than expensive things which will soon go out of style. Add colorful scarves, pins, belts or earrings - and if it all fails, add a fancy headwear, but don’t try too hard. Don’t wear a lot of makeup, big hair, fancy shoes and purse at the same time.

Many American tourists in Europe for instance have matching handbags, shoes and belts - it’s a big no-no. Remember to add spice and variety to your clothes. An elegant outfit doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, first of all you need to feel comfortable and match it to your build and appearance.

Baggy sweatpants - everyone loves them

Working out in baggy sweatpantsEveryone’s got her favorite item of clothing. My favorite is a pair of baggy sweatpants. They’re black, with tapered legs and stretchy ankle cuffs, with an elastic waistband. They’re made of wonderful, delicate viscose fleece, softer than any cotton than I’ve ever worn. It feels like wearing a soft, sleek black cloud. In warm weather they would be too hot, but they’re perfect on a chilly day. They feel almost sensual, like a warm, light sunrise touching your skin.

Everybody loves baggy sweatpants, since they can be combined with other loungewear and add comfort. I could even wear it under my pants, to provide an extra warmth layer for freezing days. At work I could remove my outer layer and walk around in this pair of wonderful pants. They would be all what I wear if I decided to reduce my work wardrobe to a single iconic item, like Steve Jobs’ trademark turtleneck.

Few people allow wearing baggy sweatpants to work, but they’re actually very practical. Many have large pockets to fit your smartphone or even a small notepad, or perhaps some other tools. You need to make sure that the word “juicy” is centered where it could be seen. There's no official dress code for wearing them - if you like it, you can wear them on your head. I tend to wear baggy sweatpants rather high around my waist, so that they’re most comfortable. That’s why I biy styles I’m comfortable in. Sweatpants can come in many, many configurations, from high-waisted to low-waisted, slim at the ankles, flared or, like mine, with ankle cuffs. Good baggy sweatpants resemble tame version of the harem pants worn in the 80s, they’re meant to be worn low-waisted for the “I am wearing a diaper” feel. And the real reason why the baggy sweatpants are comfortable is that you can simply pull them over your beer gut!


Shopping advice

Panties wholesale on display


Many a retailer who buys women's panties wholesale has to be a reliable advisor for women shopping in her store. Here is some advice you can use to assist your customers:

Expensive shoes are really worth it!


The first consideration when buying shoes - any clothes, really, for instance, cheap panties - is the comfort. There's really no point in making your shoes give you blisters nor finding a pair that doesn't go with anything. Money spent on fashionable, snug, well-fitted footwear is always a good investment.

Cheap makeup isn't!

Don't throw your money away for cheap, chalky lipsticks or random eyeshadows - drugstore makeup is invariably making you even uglier! Now I invest my money in quality make-up or not bother at all.Wholesale panties

Always get new underwear

Always wear new, well kept up lingerie for women. You never know what might happen - and there's no point in holding on to dirty, stretched out panties! Throw them away and visit your local lingerie shop once in a while! It's really worth it. If you're a retailer, stock up often on wholesale women's panties.

Only the best bras

Don't torture yourself! Your breasts and back deserve only the best. You can spend the money on a couple of cheap bras that, or on one very good that won't make your chest hurt all the time! It's your decision, your money, and your health. Cheap bras for women aren’t the best choice - look for good wholesale bras online.


You’re not too old for this

Clothes are tools. You can make your own stylisation and help enhance your appearance. There’s a difference between a forty-year-old woman who wears a leather jacket, and a forty-year-old woman who puts on a leather jacket to look like a twenty-year-old girl! The difference is immense - you need to handle your age, appearance, height, weight and other factors into your appearance and use it well.