Elegant dresses for every lady

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Elegance and confidence are two sides of the same coin, and your style of dressing plays a huge role in displaying and showing these emotions. An elegant businesswoman aware of her elegance is much more confident than a woman in a cheap wholesale plain tube! If you want to look great, project elegance, present yourself as a successful person, and follow our simple advice:

1. Let your clothes match your body type

There are styles that short ladies shouldn’t wear if they don’t want to look like little girls - and some of them will look even more ridiculous on tall ladies. Not every style will work for you, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Out there, there are plenty of styles that will flatter your figure and present your best features. If you have an hourglass silhouette, enjoy a wholesale plain tube dress. You can find other pieces that make you feel good about your appearance, and you will readily display this with dignity and grace. Soon we will publish guides for each body type, and right now you can try experimenting. You can order wholesale dresses to help you pick that perfect cut!

2. Invest in good clothes

Sure, luxury clothes are important, but you don’t need to pay through the nose to dress well. It’s said that you actually wear only 20% of your wardrobe - so maybe you should invest in one or two important closet essentials - the little black dress, the pencil skirt, an elegant blazer or a fancy blouse - because these will be the pieces you’re going to wear every day. You can purchase good quality dresses wholesale, straight from the distributor like the wholesale plain tube dress we link here, or find good and cheap dresses online.

3. Discover your style

There must be some period of creativity when you need to have fun. Be bold and inquisitive, mix and match clothes, prints, and material. Eventually, you will discover your style based on your personality, and you feel comfortable. Comfort and convenience are almost as good as confidence!

Hope this was helpful! If you’re pleased with this advice, comment!

Boyfriend trends, jeans, sweaters

Imagine this - you and your boyfriend walk through the autumn park, with golden leaves flowing down, your hand in his. He looks you in the eye, invites you to a classy restaurant just opposite the park, walks with you to his apartment… And well, long story short, you wake up next day and put on his shirt and trousers. That’s how the whole concept of “boyfriend jeans” came to be. Boyfriend jeans are slightly oversized, perhaps more worn out… and of course, you can buy them off-the-peg. There are even wholesale sweaters for men… sold in women’s sections!

In general, we ladies have a good reason to raid our boyfriend’s closets and take a couple of pieces of his wardrobe. Jeans, checkered shirts, hats, jackets, wholesale sweaters for men -- this slightly oversized look can and will look great on many women! Before your partner throws out that worn out pair of jeans, you should take a look at it - and if you are skilled in tailoring you could fix it as well.

Remember, when you wear male straight-leg jeans, that they should reach your ankles. You don’t want to be the little girl in big brother’s baggy jeans, nor you want to be a big girl in short pants on a laundry day. Wearing heels or rolling up the trouser legs or sleeves can only take you so far.

The general rule is that you combine the contrast. If your bottom is more loose and baggy, you can match it with a more form-fitting top, like a vintage sports shirt. And since it is somewhat masculine, perhaps the top should be also feminine - if you want to be sexy, not tough, avoid wholesale sweaters for men. You might add heels to the jeans for that extra feminine touch.

Large jeans go well with a leather belt - and yeah, it’s quite likely that you’re going to need it anyway. You and your boyfriend make a cute couple, and wearing his clothes can be sexy!


What to wear during the summer?

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Every woman likes to wear a skirt during a warm, sweaty summer. But what should you wear underneath? That's a major problem. With cheap underwear for women, there are always some problems - thigh rubbing, sweaty butt, lesions and see-through. Avoid these with our tips on what to wear under the summer skirts!
My biggest issues with the skirts during summers are random blows of the wind, and in cities, the blows from infrastructure - opening doors, the subway, fast-moving buses. And as with any garment in hot summer, we're getting sweaty... and it's even more visible with a tight woman's skirt, and it causes rubbing of naked sweaty thighs. The solutions?

  • Wear a slip for modesty (just to avoid showing too much in bright daylight), to create a decent layer between you and your skirt to avoid sticking to your arse and legs, and a good protection from wind - I'd prefer to show my slip rather than my underwear. Light lacy slips for women don't create extra hassle even during the hot summer.
  • You can even wear tights or trousers under your skirt! And during summer perhaps a nice choice are shorts that will eliminate the "chub rub" - simple, lightweight wholesale thongs will be enough to protect your legs from lesions, provide good breathing and might still look nice.
  • Even if you don't want to add an extra layer, take care about wearing new, good cheap wholesale underwear for women. A random breeze can easily expose what you don't want to show! That's why you want to have a clean and good looking panties. Few women have the courage to go commando in these circumstances. Others decided to embrace breathable lace or mesh panties. Some skirts have even built-in shorts, designed especially for the summer wear. An alternate solution is bandelettes - special protection for your thighs to stop them from chafing. And you can also buy wholesale thongs in large quantities - just to have an excuse to change your clothes more often
  • And in hot summer you can always try wearing bathing suits - even body suits can work better than old wholesale thongs?

Tips for petite and curvy ladies!

Tips for short ladies!

A petite woman is not to be confused with a tomboy or boyish look. A petite woman is simply short, less that five feet four inches (or 160 cm). And a plus-size woman is generally size fourteen or above, and so you can be a petite plus-sized lady. This is somewhat annoying stance; if you’re not dressing properly, you might appear boxy or round, you want to show off your best features. And it only takes a few changes in your wardrobe and style to significantly improve your appearance. 

First of all, if you’re short and round - avoid large prints. Large prints work for tall ladies, but us petite ladies should stick to smaller patterns and pair them with solids for the most flattering look. Ideally, each creation should be complemented with only one patterned piece.

Don’t wear baggy clothing - you might think it helps you hide your body, but in the end, you’ll look even bigger! Instead, focus on the more fitted clothing. Try on every outfit before purchasing, to make sure it’s not too baggy or too tight. You can always ask a friend to come with you, and help you choose. And if you’re shopping for clothes online and aren’t sure, check the sizing chart, you can even e-mail the store, sending them your measurement. Remember that sizes can vary from one brand or designer to the next.

It’s commonly known that black makes you slimmer - so petite plus-sized women tend to wear dark colors. Avoid this! There is such a thing as too much, and you’re limiting yourself in regards to color. A monochromatic outfit would be seen as slimming as well. You could also enrich your wardrobe with colorful accessories like scarves or hats - and with jewelry and makeup, you draw more attention to your face.

And if you're a tall woman, you can also find tips for tall ladies on a friendly blog!