How to care about leather jackets

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Are you proud of your leather jacket? It’s a fashionable element of every woman’s wardrobe - if you want to keep green you can pick faux leather. On the other hand, leather is natural, environmentally friendly and will decompose eventually… and true leather seems to be more durable. So it’s your choice - and all I can do is to give you some advice on how to care about your leather jacket properly so it will be durable for years. You might use the same advice for your ladies shorts wholesale if they're made out of leather.

There are many chemicals that offer your jacket more resistance to water damage, but before buying them consider it carefully. I propose you should conserve the jacket with a silicone-based product because it will preserve the appearance and shine. Grease or wax-based products might be more protective but they will cause the jacket to smell worse, and can discolor it! Check the label on your spray to learn how long the water resistance will last - usually, it’s a couple of weeks and months.

Apart from the water-resistance sprays you can use leather conditioner - it restores oil to the leather, provides excessive dryness and cracking, but be careful not to clog the pores. Only apply leather conditioner when the jacket feels dry or stiff. The product must be matched to the type of leather - if you have a suede jacket, use the suede conditioners only. Never use products that contain mineral oil or petroleum, ideally, you should use animal oils.

You can also invest in smooth leather polish for that jacket if you want to bring out that extra shine. It can, however, discolor or clog the surface. Test it under the armpit or at the back of the collar first. And of course, suede or similar textures should never be polished. Don't buff your ladies shorts wholesale, either.

Never machine-dry leather. It should release moisture on your own. If it gets dry, hang it indoors on a hanger, keeping it away from direct heat sources like radiators or other heaters. You can iron it - but keep the iron on the lowest setting and iron the jacket under a cloth.


Hoodie wholesale

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Even though I am long past my college years, I still wear a hoodie occasionally. And well, I haven’t grown since then, and if some of my dimensions expanded it was mostly sideways. Some hoodies still feel too big, some, especially old and second-hand hoodies might be comfortable and baggy. I might buy a hoodie wholesale, but why pay? So I took it upon myself to repurpose them into fashionable clothing with just a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. You, too, can cut your hoodie to a manageable size.

Sometimes I feel tempted to take my boyfriend’s large, wonderfully warm hoodie and cut it to my size. But I actually start by zipping it up and turning it inside out. My boyfriend looked how well it looks on me, we pinched the baggy space under the armpits and measured where the new armpits should be - to remove the excess fabric.

After this, go down the right side, putting a pinch every 5 cm or so, to mark down the baggy layer. You want the most fitted look. Do it on the left side as well, to be as even as possible. Return to the armpit and pinch the area underneath your arm until it is fitted, do it with both arms naturally. Once the sides of your new cut are fit, stretch your arms up and to the sides. If you need to reduce the vertical size of the hoodie as well, cut the waistband and the wristband as well!

After measuring cut the marked pieces on a flat, smooth worktable. Remember to use a tape measure to create straight lines and to leave some space outside of the pins. Start cutting from the bottom. And after this, take out your sewing machine outside the pins, sewing both pieces of the sweatshirt. If you cut the sleeves, remember to reattach the elastic bands and waistband. Cut off any excess material outside the seam, turn the hoodie back the right size on and try it! Or you can just get a hoodie wholesale and save yourself some work!


What to wear as a plus girl

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So I am a little plus sized. Sure I try to fight this, by not sweetening my tea and biking to work, and it’s working… but in the meantime, I still need to look fabulous. Looking good is not just a function of your body mass or knowing the latest trends. I reiterate, fashion is the art of showing off your best features and feeling comfortable! That’s why you need to use it to make the most of your curves.

The foundation of your look is your underclothes. If your underwear doesn’t support you sufficiently, your normal clothes might look ruffled and chaotic. If you’re plus-sized, you probably need a larger, firmer bra, which will help you lift your figure and make you look younger. Badly fitted bra can cause backaches and lesions. Likewise, shapewear or similar slimming underpants can help you lose girth around your hips. And you can always hide a large or small bust with t shirts wholesale.

To accentuate or hide certain areas of your body you need to know how to efficiently manage this. Dark colors hide, light colors highlight. If you have an hourglass silhouette, wear a light belt over a dark tunic or shirt. If you want to hide your large butt, wear dark pants and a light bottom. Large, visible patterns will make you bigger, and smaller patterns look you smaller. Vertical stripes make you taller, while horizontal - wider. Horizontal strips on a shirt make your bust bigger - and when i ordered t shirts wholesale I always ordered some extra sailor shirts.

An advantage of being a large woman is that you can wear large accessories that would overwhelm smaller ladies - gaudy earrings, long scarves or large necklaces. A large handbag looks tiny next to you! I personally like hefty boots, like military-style. My frame can tolerate this, and they make my legs look longer! I occasionally wear heels, but I do like some wedge heels, which makes me taller and feels stable.

And above all, be self-confident. Tent, baggy clothes aren’t flattering enough - while they hide my size, they also hide my curves. Hiding flaws makes you just a blob, you need to showcase your strengths. Fashion is supposed to make you feel good, provide aesthetic pleasure. If you don’t have fun shopping or wearing new clothes, experiment and find your style!

Dress kids for winter

Who didn’t love the snow as a kid? Well, the people who lived in the regions where it never snowed probably. Or people who had asthma or got cold easily or… you know, a lot of kids didn’t. But I did and a lot of kids I knew loved it too. Kids tend to love the snowy weather, but parents often discover that keeping them warm during the winter is a real challenge.

That’s why I personally go shopping for winter clothes like wholesale coats in the fall. I consider getting them tops, sweaters with long sleeves, thick pants, and clothes for layers - jeans and leggings. Any parent when buying clothes for students should consider getting clothes one or two sizes larger and of good quality so that they would last for years!

The perfect winter clothes for kids are long lasting, waterproof, cold proof and warm. Remember to cover the head (a lot of heat is lost through the head), and the well-blooded bits like feet, hands, and neck. And teach your kid to dress up - not just to dress up into a coat, but to put on the boots and tie a scarf. And before they set out, consider what are they wearing - tell them to put on thick underwear and socks - sometimes even two layers of socks could be okay. Carry a third pair in case they get wet!

Any good parent talks to their kids - so before you set them out to play, ask them what will they be doing, and match their clothes accordingly, if you want to get wholesale coats for them, do so. Remember, adults tend to walk, but kids love to run - don’t overdress them if they want to play and go sledding! If it’s sunny, you might want to put the sunscreen on them - UV light is still on, and it’s reflected from the snow. You might want to grab a thermal mug full of tea or cocoa for them! And if they’re ready for the winter wonderland, let them have fun!