T-shirts wholesale cheap

t shirts wholesale cheap

I have to admit, I love the unzipped long-sleeved shirt with a graphic tee underneath on a guy - provided he is well-groomed and likable. But I noticed that many American guys like to wear buttoned shirts with a t-shirt underneath. They buy t shirts wholesale cheap to wear this. In Europe, this is not a common look. They do it mostly to catch sweat for hygiene.

A lot of people, though, refer to the T-shirt as an “undershirt”. There are many reasons to wear a second shirt under your dress shirt and a suit jacket. First of all, off-the-hook suits and shirts don’t always generally fit you. An undershirt acts as padding, making an oversized shirt fitting the man’s body better. It also has a secondary effect that if a guy is a bit lumpy, he can disguise this unsightly appearance with a smooth, uniform shirt. It also applies if a guy has a lot of body hair on chest and back. Some people think it looks more manly - but many girls like me will be disgusted.

Second, it sponges off sweat, especially under the arms or on the back. There're few things that's more disgusting than sweat on guy’s elegant shirt. These areas also tend to cling to your skin, so you do need to add an extra layer. It also is more beneficial for the dress shirt - the cotton undershirt collects grime and sweat produced by the body, and the collared shirt will last longer. That's why the elegant men buy t shirts wholesale cheap to wear under their elegant shirts.

Third, it’s for comfort. If you’re not wearing an extra layer, you can feel all the seams and buttons pressing against your body. Button-up shirts are often made of stiffer, less breathable fabrics - and an extra layer of cotton helps a man feel more comfortable and confident.

Fourth, it’s simply more practical. An extra layer keeps you warm in the cold months. If a man has to do something, like get dirty and perform a feat of strength in a polite company, he can just take off the dress shirt and won’t be bare chested. Same goes with any accident.

Remember though that undershirts are underwear and should not be seen in polite society. They need to be well-kept and you should never wear a colorful t-shirt under a bright T-shirt.


Screenprint on cheap wholesale t shirts!

cheap wholesale t shirts

Screen printing might seem hard, but it’s easy to do it at home. You can buy everything you’ll need for around $/€30. And what’s everything? Well?

  • Screen printing fabric ink. Large industries mix their paints. For your first try you want a ready-mixed ink. Follow the instructions on the package to not let it run in the laundry.
  • You can build your own screen with a cheap canvas frame and thin mesh stapled to it. Get 43T mesh for start.
  • A squeegee. Preferably a large industrial one. You can use any hard, straight piece of plastic, but a squeegee is comfortable and stable.
  • Some durable paper, knives, masking tape.
  • Cheap wholesale t shirts to print on, naturally.
  • You’ll also need a room that’s dedicated for printing - a work station and somewhere to dry your shirts.

Prepare your design on the computer. Remember, each screen equals one color so at beginning you’ll have to print a simple monochromatic pattern. A catchy slogan, a simple logo or a pattern would work. Print it on clean paper, cut it out.

Take your screen and put the paper on the mesh so that there will be no mesh creeping out on the edges. Lay your cheap wholesale t shirts or fabric flat and lay the stencil. Don’t move the paper.

Blob some ink at the screen and spread it with the squeegee, holding the screen firmly down. Lift the screen up, holding the fabric down. The paper stencil sticks to the screen. You should now be able to repeat this multiple times. If you want to print many copies, leave the paper there - it will dry and create a permanent stencil. If you want to reuse the mesh, wash it with cold water before the paper sets. For your next try, you can build two screens - don’t be afraid to print on the wet ink, it shouldn’t run.


T Shirt wholesale - how to shrink them?

t shirt wholesale

Every girl I know has had her favorite item of clothing. And for many of us, it is often a beloved T-shirt. Sometimes, though we can't wear it because it's now too small... or because it embiggened itself. Perhaps it was a present, or maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight since you've worn it,  or maybe that was the only size of a shirt with your favorite band… Stores that buy t shirt wholesale often don't pay much attention to sizes. And so, you might want to shrink the shirt in the laundry so that it will be more wearable.

If you want to shrink it most effectively, simply use your washing machine. The tag will inform you how it’s produced since the certain fabrics shrink with heat, and others won’t. For instance, cotton and wool will shrink when you clean them in hot water. Your shirt could have some washing advice on the tag - and you want to break these rules. The tag might designate a particular water temperature, like warm (60-90 C) or cool (30); wash it in different temperature to shrink the shirt.

If your shirt is made of cotton, you can also try shrinking it simply by using a sink full of hot water. To make the water even hotter, pour some boiling water into it there. And if want to, add a teaspoon of laundry detergent to the sink - remember to rinse your shirt later, though. Don't rub it, just let it soak for about five minutes, then pull it out and dry it - using a tumble dryer might shrink the clothes even further. But you want to dry your shirt on the rack or spread it on a dry towel - just don’t hang on the rack or clothesline.

You could seek professional help - there are many tailors who would gladly reduce your shirt, or dry cleaners who would also help you with cleaning and shrinking. Everyone who makes t shirt wholesale is super knowledgeable about this.


Colored trousers!

wholesale mens trousers

Colored trousers work great, especially when paired with dark tops. They can be paired with neutrals, complementary colors or monochromatic clothing. You can easily incorporate your bright, blazing pants with your fashionable wardrobe. The most obvious pair is matching the colorful trousers with black shirts and shoes. This will make your legs stand out. You can get colorful pants at the same place you get wholesale mens trousers. The colorful pants shouldn’t be dark, so avoid brown, beige or navy.

How to balance your pants

If you want to balance the vividness of the pants, try a blazer. If your pants are bright colored - blue, teal, pink or red, you might want to pair the trousers with a neutral blazer. It will give you that professional work look. And beneath it, wear a mild-colored off-white top.

A neutral or patterned cardigan is a good compromise between the professionalism and cozy feel. If you wear bright red jeans, pair them with a navy cardigan. And a dark patterned cardigan could work well with mustard-colored pants.

More on vivid colors

If you want another vivid top, you shouldn’t wear the same color your pants are - you’ll look like a monochromatic blob of color instead. Your top and bottom should be color coordinated.

If your pants are warm colored, pick cold colors for your top: pink, red, peach, plum and yellow jeans with grey shirts or shoes, pumpkin orange, pastel pink, mint green, baby blue and olive green with brown shirts. The more vivid the colors, the more toned the top should be!

For more casual look, save your bright neon colored clothes. These are very visible, and perfect for sunny days and visiting bars.

Another look worth trying out is bright colored wholesale mens trousers with a simple white buttoned-down shirt. It looks preppy, but it combines bright pants with a bright top and makes you stand out. Denim shirts can also work very well with colorful pants, but are less formal.