How to shop for wholesale women's sweaters

wholesale women's sweaters

Shopping for wholesale women's sweaters is the best way to save your money. You might want to find that perfect sweater and buy it straight from the producer. Thanks to online shopping you can always discover newest fashion items in the recognizable collection of clothes. It is far more easier than visiting store after store, wasting your time.

Of course, online shopping for sweaters and other clothes requires a lot of caution. You need to pay attention to your measurements to ensure that you will receive sweaters you wanted and which will fit you well. Here are a few tips before you go online to buy wholesale women's sweaters

Find a reliable wholesale supplier

Although searching online for wholesale sweaters is the easiest way to buy sweaters and pullovers at the wholesale price, you need to find a reputable and reliable wholesale distributor.  You need to discover an established company which will offer a wide range of clothes, not just sweaters. The more contacts they have, the better.

Quality of the Fabric

Before you find the sweater you love you need to check the material, color and general quality of the item. Look at the thread, whether it's wool, cashmere or some blend. Always read the description of the product including the material type. Remember about your allergies, and read about differences between wool or cashmere.

Consider the final price

Of course, you decide to go for wholesale shopping rather than buying retail simply because you need to save some money. Compare the price with the retail markup and look at the possibility of buying things in bulk. Sometimes you can save some extra money if you buy five sweaters instead of one - ask around your friends and family.  Sure, you won't be as unique, but you don't have to wear them all the time - and you save even more!


wholesale shorts

wholesale shorts

I just love shorts! They’re fashionable, they’re slender, they’re fancy and they feel so great! So you may think “But Bertha, who wears shorts after they've finished university”. Or “Wholesale Shorts should be thin and easy to wear, not restrictive and tight”. And of course, you’re correct. But these fancy shorts do offer some fun fashion action!
Some people love high-waisted shorts. The length of the waist depends on the torso length. If you happen to be a short lady, you might want to avoid the high-waisted bottoms. Since your body is already quite short, high-waist might come almost to your cleavage. This also applies if your bust is large, also creating tho optical look of a shorter body. Do you want to cover it from both top and bottom! Instead, pick shorts that reach past your hip bones but don’t reach the thinnest part of your waistline.
Shorts are likely to show some leg, but essentially, if anything other than your leg is glimpsing from underneath your shorts, abandon them. To test this, you should put something heavier in the pockets like house keys or a wallet. High-waisted shorts are a bit fancier than usual ones, so you might want to pick a bit longer ones. Let your arms hang limply along your body - the pants can’t be shorter than the ends of your fingertips. 
High-waisted wholesale shorts are elegant enough to tuck your shirt in. During the summer months, you can look quite professional with a buttoned-down short-sleeved shirt. But you can also keep it informal with a tank-top or a T-shirt, while still staying fashionable with hues and prints. And if you want to stay womanly, why not soften up the look with a flirty delicate blouse, for example a ruched or ruffled one?

Wholesale hats

wholesale hats


Until fairly recently, wholesale hats were a must-have for any wardrobe, but today few people wear them. And it’s too bad, really - a hat can go well with any outfit and redefine or define your individual style. Perhaps you want to reinvent yourself and add a beautiful hat to your personal wardrobe. You have plenty of choices, but what’s most important is to find the hat that will work with your head and appeal to your tastes.

You need to consider why exactly you need a new hat. Do you want it for everyday use? For special outing, to match your new dress, to protect you in the sun or rain when fishing? All of these require a different hat. Look closely at the hat styles in your range, through the fashion magazines, catalogues, or fashion blogs to get more ideas. Remember, though, that your hat needs to match your physique - balancing your dimensions rather than exaggerating them. A hat will tall crown will make you taller, and one with a wide-brim either thinner or larger. You should also match the hat to your face shape and your best colors.

My favorite way for determining the shape of the face is via lipstick on mirror. Show your face, unobscured by bangs or collars in the mirror, standing upfront. Mark the following points on the mirror: the top of your hairline, the widest point of your cheekbones, your temples, your jaw line, and the bottom of your chin.

If your face is long, narrow, but with fairly wide jaw and hairline, it’s oblong. You want a hat that’s more horizontal - cloches, titled fedoras or floppy berets.

If it’s longer than it’s wide, and cheekbones are wider, you can wear just about anything.

Round faces are more circular, so you need to balance it with angular shapes like fedoras or borsalinos.

Square faces are similar to round, buy you have wide hairline and probably large jaws. Balance the sharp edges of our face with soft designs.

Diamond and triangular faces are fairly universal, but don’t wear tall hats that will put too much emphasis on the top of your head.

And if you have a sharp chin and wide forehead, you have a heart-shaped face. Narrow your head with small brimmed hats.

Match the hat with your personal style and now you’re all set!

wholesale hats can be found here.

Making a cat bed!

wholesale women's blouses 34 sleeve

So I have this old sweater… it’s shrunk in the laundry. Or maybe it has a massive moth-eaten hole? Or is it unsightly? Anyway, if you have a useless wool sweater, you don’t have to throw it away. With a couple of minutes of work, you can turn it into a charming cat bed. It will look dainty and you save money on an expensive shop-bought bed. You can try it with another piece of clothing, like a sweatshirt or perhaps wholesale women's blouses 34 sleeve.

If your sweater shrunk in the laundry, it should feel softer and long-lasting. You can shrink it in the laundry anyway, it’s called “felting”. Get some yarn and a thick tapestry needle for sewing. Lay your sweater out flat, then imagine you’re bending your arms in the elbow. Stitch the seam of the upper arm of the sweater to the side of the sweater.

Fold the bottom edge of the sweater up, and place the sleeves in front of it - create the “cat bed” shape. Once again, use the thick needle to sew the sleeves to the top of the rolled up sweater edge. Remember that you’re going to stuff the sleeves, so leave yourself some maneuvering space! Put one cuff inside the other, and stitch them together - but only from the one side so that you will be able to put your stuffing inside the tube.

Make a stitch from one round it to another to add shape to the bed. Now you can stuff the sleeves and the upper part of the sweater. Remember, you’ll have to wash this cat bed, so don’t use paper - pick batting or old rags. You can also use this opportunity to pad the bottom. Remember that the wholesale women's blouses 34 sleeve are more delicate when making the bed.

Finally, stitch the neck opening closed. You can secure any openings as well.

This method works great if the sweater smells of you - animals like this and will feel secure when you’re not at home. You can also be a nice girl and donate the sweater to your local pet shelter.