How to obtain wholesale shirts for your opponents

wholesale shirts

More and more women decide to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and open up their own companies. And with your new title as a boss come responsibilities. Are you a true leader? And are you a true fashionista? Well, the one time when these two duties coincide is setting a dress code for your workers. You might even want to buy wholesale shirts for your employees just to cover their bases.
However, there are many traps where an entrepreneur or supervisor can fall into before ordering large amounts of formal wear for their employees.
First of all, it is essential to learn what formal clothes you yourself like to wear. It's true! Employees will copy their boss. And later you need to decide what clothes you want your workers to follow. If you wear a double-breasted blazer, so will your assistants! Consider whether your employees need elegant two-button suits, or just a smart, creamy button-up short-sleeved shirt? Look at your business and consider what do you want your employees to look like. Remember to focus on the employees who contact your customers first. Few people mind that the IT guy comes to work in a sweater.
Consider your company budget. It's easy to underestimate the cost of corporate workwear, but you shouldn't force the employees to purchase clothes on their own. Set a strict budget for clothes and uniforms and contact the wholesale clothes suppliers to get the most value for your money.
Speaking of wholesalers, the more experienced ones should be able to provide  a variety of clothing options for both blue-collar and white-collar employees. In short, a good supplier will provide white shirts and pencil skirts for your salespeople and utility suits for your janitors. The larger your wholesale shirts order, the more money you're going to save!
When preparing an order you also should consider the capabilities for customization. If you want a T-shirt with a custom logo or embroidered name of the company on the cuffs, go for it! You might want to go one step further - for instance customizing each shirt for an individual employee. This will grant your company unique flair and increase the workers' loyalty.

wholesale blouses in clashing colors? It's possible

wholesale blouses

Some color combos are traditionally a fashion faux-pas. Some fashion rules about mixing and matching colors were drilled into us since childhood - but like all rules in art, they’re meant to be broken. Few people sell wholesale blouses in clashing colors - but if you can sell these, it's a masterpiece.

I’ve read not to mix white and off-white, like cream. Well, honestly it’s a risky combination because cream mixed with pristine white looks “dirty”. The solution is to add a third color that will take the “dirty” - pink or red or gold. Then, cream will look more “pinkish” and less of a dirty. You could also try textures or unusual patterns.

Speaking of pinks, you allegedly shouldn’t mix pinks and reds. This is true, but if you have a cold skin tone, you can carefully try this combination. Tone down one color and allow the other to dominate - vivid red might go well with pastel pink, or neon pink dress with a single dark ruby stripe would rock the evening.

Brown and blacks are another fashion faux-pas, but only if the browns are dull or dark. If you switch to tans, beige or caramel, bright brown accents will beautifully distinguish themselves with black.

My mom used to say “Blue and green should never be seen”. As with pink and red, this depends on your skin tone; if your skin is “cold”, you probably should avoid this combo, but still - allowing blue accents in a green outfit could work quite well. Avoid bridging colors like teal or aquamarine. Instead, try out a dark navy blue blazer or wholesale blouses and a bright green skirt.

A nice trick to prevent colors mingling is to wear an accessory that uses both of the colors - it will be a nice transition element.

Remember, fashion is an art, and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Colors are only one element of a successful outfit, and you can use textures and prints to a great effect.


A couple of words about wholesale tunics

wholesale tunics


A tunic is essentially a long, looser top. A long, baggy T-shirt could be considered a tunic; especially on a short shapely lady. It’s wider and longer than a shirt but not as long as a dress. It can be very fetching, especially if you remember that women come in all shapes and sizes. Wholesale tunics can mask any “blobby” feel, and you can look great in one.

As long as you purchase a wholesale tunics that flatters you and is not super tight, you will look great. A tunic should flow and flounce - and not cling to your body. You don’t want your belly to show - so a tunic should be fitted especially in the upper body area. It should drape from your shoulders and chest, you want to look free, not blobby.

There are many tunics that can flatter you and many different shapes and necklines. Some tunics are simple, straight - and perfect for a belt. A belt can underline your waist or create an optical illusion of you having one.

A tunic shouldn’t be worn with a pair of shorts or a mini-skirt - it will create an illusion that you’re wearing nothing underneath. If you want to wear shorts, pick knee-long Bermudas or better yet, distressed jeans. In fact, I personally think that a tunic works best with a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or other fitted pants.

Likewise, a tunic is pretty versatile, and you could use shoes to dress it up and down. A pair of heels will make you seem even taller in a tunic, while flats will create a more casual look. Remember that if you’re wearing a belt, it should match your shoes.

You can dress up a tunic with other accessories. Jewelry like brooches will look great on a monochromatic tunic, and you can draw attention to your face and chest with a simple necklace.


Getting men's trousers wholesaler to teach you about white clothes

men's trousers wholesaler

My mother always told me never to wear white, unless it’s my wedding day. I am a big girl, and big girls don’t look pristine in all-white outfit, they look like it’s the laundry day and someone’s air-drying linen. Seriously, though, I looked through my wardrobe and discovered a couple of ways anyone can rock a white outfit in any season, including winter. That's why I don't buy yes pants from a men's trousers wholesaler.

White works best during the summer - especially linen and cotton, which are very breathable. Black color absorbs sun rays, white one reflects them - and so you will stand out, shine. You can also try flowing, loose summer dresses or similar flowy apparels.

However, you can also wear white during the winter - only if you bother to shift to warmer fabrics like wool and cashmere. White linen pants are perfect for summer, but white jeans or white parkas will look great for winter. Some people dislike wearing them when there’s snow lying on about, but you can rock them in the city. White leather or fur (fake or natural) can also be a great winter statement piece.

The best thing about neutral color is that you can match them with nearly everything. You can match whites with other whites - as long as you combine them with different textures or materials. A white lacy top will work great with a cotton or silken skirt. I personally found out that this is quite slimming - makes you look taller. Any men's trousers wholesaler will tell you this.

And there are various shades of white - if you have a pale skin tone, whites aren’t exactly for you… but spice it up with pale pinks or greys and you can rock the white ensemble.

One danger of an all-white costume, especially for women, is that it’s more see-through. Many women like to wear black bras and they will be especially visible through the lightweight top. Use a camisole or an undershirt.