Wholesale scarves for me and you!

wholesale scarves

The modern fashion designers and manufacturers are able to produce all kinds of wholesale scarves, for the cold winter and warm summer. Many a fashionista will have a collection of scarves for every month in the year. But when the temperatures drop below zero,  the designers cease churning out lightweight wholesale scarves and concentrate on the warm woolen ones. Luckily for us, you don't have to wear brightly-colored scarves only in the spring - the designers are now able to produce vivid, sexy scarves for the winter and autumn.

Yes,  the fall and winter seasons are the time of year when you should pull out your scarves from the closet... or get some wholesale scarves which will make you look stylish and feel warm. Until fairly recently, the winter scarves were thought of as dull or neutral scarves, mostly white or black. But the freezing climate of the winter and its chilliness will need a splash of color to keep your spirit up. I can't understand why do the girls want to wear black color scarves in the winter? A color-coordinated scarf will make you look even better, but also keep your body feel warm and comfortable. Of course, black is the warmest color, and it goes well with everything - but don't wear black exclusively!

And scarves should be matched to all kinds of outfits. If girls want to wear them as casual clothing, there are tons of wholesale scarves available on the market. Naturally, some scarves will go well with fancy outfits - for instance, pashmina or cashmere shawls can be worn with an evening dress or a fancy business suit. You will look like a million dollars. And if you want softness and elegance, why not consider silk scarves? There are also blends of cashmere and silk with wool and even synthetic fabrics - they are as warm for the fraction of the price.

Wholesale skirts!

wholesale skirts

An A-line skirt is fitted at the hips, and widens to the hem, making a woman’s silhouette resemble the letter A. If you happen to be tall or statuesque, such dress can create the illusion of curves on your simple, rectangular or apple frame... and compliment the curves found on pear or hourglass bodies. It can balance out the wide hips and distract from a large stomach! Wholesale skirts like this are very popular.

If you are a pear, it means that your hips are the widest part of your bodies. an A-line skirt will do wonders for you! Since the waistline is fitted, and the skirt is draped around your hips, you'll look slimmer. Wear a bit longer skirts, ending below the knee or ankle. Distract them away from your hips. Wear a panel or pleated A-line skirt, without any embellishments near the hips.

If you don't have wide hips, but nevertheless a large bottom, you should avoid A-line skirts because this style puts more emphasis on your posterior. You should avoid tight skirts or ones with pleating around the waistline. Instead, try to pick dark shirts with eye-catching tops. Sadly producers of wholesale skirts seldom offer such outfits.

If you are curvier, pick an A-line skirt with a flat front, and more fluid fabric. You probably want to underline your legs, so pick a skirt with a flat front and flat textures. You should also avoid tight skirts, horizontal patterning, patch pockets and other embellishments.

If you're a shorter lady, you can rock an A-line skirt well, but it can't be too short or too long. The best height is probably knee-long, maybe slightly shorter to make your legs seem longer.

You can match them with most every top or a pair of shoes. A colorful t-shirt will make your A-line skirt casual, while an oxford shirt will make a dark skirt a perfect office ensemble.

Poodle skirts!

wholesale skirts

Many people want to go back to 1950s when everything was sweet and fair, and boys asked girls out for malts. An iconic piece of the 1950s is the poodle skirt, created by Juli Lynne Charlot. It is simply a bright, solid-colored circle skirt, with a French poodle on the bottom of the garment. It's typically wide and made of soft fabric. You can easily create your own poodle shirt with iron-on patterns, if you own a wide, pleated colorful skirt, or can sew one. You can easily find wide skirts wholesale from a good supplier! The classic poodle skirts were made typically of felt, wool, or cotton. Today satin or polyester are also popular with a plush poodle.

While arguably it's a crucial part of a woman’s 1950s ensemble, such a skirt also requires a few other accessories or pieces so that you could rock that Marylin Monroe or Loraine McFly look!

What to Pair With a Poodle Skirt

The classic ensemble for the 1950s is a blouse or a tight white sweater worn with a poodle skirt. If you want to look younger, why not pick a varsity sweatshirt in the retro style or a nice cardigan? Another nice option would be a dark, short-sleeved blouse with a Peter Pan collar. Under the skirt, many women wore layers of crinolines - this added volume. You, too, could layer, especially at the 1950s-styled costume party. A pair of bloomers would be amusing as well. Some modern poodle skirts wholesale already come with built-in layers.

Whatever vintage accessories you can find, will match the poodle skirts wholesale quite well. Pick simple old-school shoes, like mary janes, saddle shoes or penny loafers - and be sure to wear white woolen socks! A nice touch will be a soft scarf, tied around a ponytail or your neck.

Silk scarves or wool scarves?

scarves wholesale

I simply love wearing silk scarves. They can add color, texture and some class to any outfit, and also keep you warm. What I really love the most about them is that they’re so darn versatile, and can be worn in so many ways. A scarf is more than a strip of fabric that wraps around the neck, it’s also a great fashion accessory. You can pick a long scarf trailing down to the knees for that hippy look, or draw more attention to your face with a cowl, infinity scarf or a stole. That's why many stores offer so many scarves wholesale.
But before you pick your favorite scarf, ask yourself a couple of questions. What is your skin tone? Are you an autumn, a winter? What color are your hair, your skin, and your eyes? For instance, if you’re pale, you should wear a pastel scarf otherwise the vivid color will make you look sickly. Many stores with scarves wholesale advise this to their customers. If you’re quite tall, you should consider a long, flowy shawl rather than a bandanna.
Scarves wholesale can be made of various other materials, not just silk, for example, acrylic. It's a synthetic fabric that is a great substitute for cotton: delicate, light, and warm. Of course, it can't compete with wool or cashmere, but it's far more affordable. A lot of people allergic to natural fabrics prefer acrylic or other artificial fibers like polar fleece. They are a good insulator and keep the body warm.
If you can’t afford a real pashmina or cashmere shawl, consider such synthetic fibers, or better yet, blends of wool with man-made fibers. Lambswool is very delicate and blended with cheaper fabrics it can resemble cashmere. There is no real replacement for silk, but some nylon blends might resemble it. If you can't afford a genuine silk scarf, look at scarves wholesale made of wool and cotton with some synthetic blend.