Working out in baggy sweatpantsEveryone’s got her favorite item of clothing. My favorite is a pair of baggy sweatpants. They’re black, with tapered legs and stretchy ankle cuffs, with an elastic waistband. They’re made of wonderful, delicate viscose fleece, softer than any cotton than I’ve ever worn. It feels like wearing a soft, sleek black cloud. In warm weather they would be too hot, but they’re perfect on a chilly day. They feel almost sensual, like a warm, light sunrise touching your skin.

Everybody loves baggy sweatpants, since they can be combined with other loungewear and add comfort. I could even wear it under my pants, to provide an extra warmth layer for freezing days. At work I could remove my outer layer and walk around in this pair of wonderful pants. They would be all what I wear if I decided to reduce my work wardrobe to a single iconic item, like Steve Jobs’ trademark turtleneck.

Few people allow wearing baggy sweatpants to work, but they’re actually very practical. Many have large pockets to fit your smartphone or even a small notepad, or perhaps some other tools. You need to make sure that the word “juicy” is centered where it could be seen. There's no official dress code for wearing them - if you like it, you can wear them on your head. I tend to wear baggy sweatpants rather high around my waist, so that they’re most comfortable. That’s why I biy styles I’m comfortable in. Sweatpants can come in many, many configurations, from high-waisted to low-waisted, slim at the ankles, flared or, like mine, with ankle cuffs. Good baggy sweatpants resemble tame version of the harem pants worn in the 80s, they’re meant to be worn low-waisted for the “I am wearing a diaper” feel. And the real reason why the baggy sweatpants are comfortable is that you can simply pull them over your beer gut!