Back in the days when the cargo pants were used as a military uniform for British soldiers, they were made primarily for men. However, when it comes to fashion, these wholesale trousers for women are also popular, if not more popular than wholesale trousers for males. As with most items of clothing, men are generally more straightforward and tend to have fewer choices to choose from, but when it comes to cargo pants, the small variety can go a long way.

If you’re a woman, the possibilities are endless. Wholesale trousers for women are available in numerous colours, various styles and even different lengths, with three-quarter trousers becoming increasingly popular. While the everyday use of cargo pants has risen sharply since the time they were first created, the military roots are still visible. The most popular colour of skinny cargo pants available tends to be a light-olive green, dark green and camouflage, all of which are now associated with the military. For women, this might imply some “tough grrl” look!

Although the overall style has remained intact for the most part, it would not be possible in this fashion-conscious day and age to find several different variations, and spin-offs of this new take on a fashion classic. For instance, skinny wholesale trousers are available from almost all major fashion wholesalers, and a fusion of skinny pants and chinos seem to be popping up more frequently. The side pocket and the rustic look tends to stay the same, but the colours and the materials used are constantly changing.

The number of variations of wholesale trousers for men is just as limited as it is for the majority of men’s clothing. Besides from the more eccentric clothing lines, the majority of men’s clothing are plain, and easy on the eyes. Don’t take this as a bad thing, however. The limited colours and styles of men’s trousers help to increase the number of different outfit variations, so whatever the colour you decide to go for, the chance of you pulling them off is almost guaranteed.