I used to be the original grunge generation, rocked with Nirvana, Kurt and Silverchair back in the 90s. And it seems to me that the distressed wholesale mens jeans or similar cheap destroyed oversized pants are still popular among the kids. I might not be the youngest girl in the world, but I still feel nostalgic about my youth. Any pair of jeans might be turned into distressed ones.

The good thing about old jeans you seldom wear these days is that they’re probably already quite distressed. I’d take my boyfriend’s old working wholesale mens jeans, and cut some holes in them. Another solution is to visit a thrift store or other source of cheap pants in bulk. Examine the jeans and your body, and choose where do you want to place the distressing.. Mark the areas you want to distress, but remember to avoid large holes.

Use a piece of cardboard to to protect the other side of the pant leg. You don’t want to use scissors to cut the distressed holes, since they will look cut, not naturally frayed. Instead, choose something sharp but irregular - a pumice stone, cheese grater, sandpaper or a shaving razor. You shouldn't cut through your jeans, wear them off instead! Use the sandpaper to add some more distressing to areas you want to show.

Bleach can help you make the outer edge of holes look worn. Put a few frops of the bleach on an sponge you want to throw away, and gently rub it on on the edges. Remember to rinse it twice before washing.

You don't want your jeans to fall apart, so add some stitching around the holes to stabilize them. Use the denim-colored blue thread. Now look at your distressed wholesale mens jeans - they look very cool!