Every woman is different, every woman wants to look good, and every woman wants to have a good job and act as a professional! And even though every woman's body is unique, we often classify body types as one of four basic shapes. Now, we all know that very few ladies can unambiguously classify themselves as a hourglass or apple shape. However, it is still a useful tool, especially when buying wholesale womens jackets for work! You want to look professionally in a suit jacket and nice pants.


The Apple Body Type

If you're top-heavy, broad-shouldered with slim legs, you're probably an apple. Apples carry most of their weight above their waistlines. They typically have wide shoulders, a decent-sized bust, slim, shapely legs and narrow hips. If you're an apple, you probably might need larger wholesale womens jackets and smaller skirt or trousers for your suit. A very vivid jacket will put more emphasis on your upper body - avoid these. Since your shoulders are already well-defined, avoid padding.


The Pear Body Type

Like the name implies, these ladies have smaller upper bodies, slim waists and rounded bottoms. It's quite likely that your upper body is relatively slim, so your wholesale womens jackets should take advantage of the fact. They should be more structured, and double-breasted jackets emphasise your waist. These ladies also can find that they need to mix and match sizes of the top and the bottom.


The Banana Body Type

Banana-shaped body is rectangular - your torso has more or less the same circumference.  A banana silhouette has little difference bust and hip, and they aren't that larger than the waist. Your jacket should create the sense of waistline, curve gently and add some space to your bust.


The Hourglass Body Type

If a woman's bust and hip measurements match and she has a well-defined, narrow waist, she has an hourglass shape. You'll do well underlining the balance and wearing a nice tailored suit jacket.