If you want to prepare for the winter, you should consider your boots!  There are hundreds of wholesale women boots available on the market, after all. The most important step is not to know your dimension - instead, learn what winter is like in the area you live in. If you’re moving in there, definitely ask around on the internet or the future neighbors. If you pick a pair a fancy boots designed for the wrong weather, you will have wasted your money.

Look at the snow, the ice and the general temperature. If there’s more than 2 cm (1 inch) of snow for more than a week or two, you probably want to ditch ankle boots - same goes with slush. If the winter is very slippery, get boots with good rubberized sole! Look at sports goods stores - they typically source their wholesale women boots basing on the comfort and practicality. Look at winter hiking boots or similar ones, and avoid the stilettos!

And if the weather drops below -5 you simply must pick fur-lined boots; I’ve worn plain leather boots outside when it was below zero and it was terrifying. You want boots with a thick inner lining, and put socks on! Look for sheepskin or merino wool interiors. Synthetic linings are also good - a nice blend of polyester and cotton can be also as good as wool.

And what are my favorite brands? Well, consider Kamik, Sorel, Ecco, La Canadienne… but they really depend on where you live. In general if you follow this advice you can find good quality winter boots anywhere. Remember to pick leather or waterproof ones - many cities use salt to melt snow. It eats away at rubber and stains and damages leather. Every day you should wipe off your boots with a damp rag to clean off any salt.