An A-line skirt is fitted at the hips, and widens to the hem, making a woman’s silhouette resemble the letter A. If you happen to be tall or statuesque, such dress can create the illusion of curves on your simple, rectangular or apple frame... and compliment the curves found on pear or hourglass bodies. It can balance out the wide hips and distract from a large stomach! Wholesale skirts like this are very popular.

If you are a pear, it means that your hips are the widest part of your bodies. an A-line skirt will do wonders for you! Since the waistline is fitted, and the skirt is draped around your hips, you'll look slimmer. Wear a bit longer skirts, ending below the knee or ankle. Distract them away from your hips. Wear a panel or pleated A-line skirt, without any embellishments near the hips.

If you don't have wide hips, but nevertheless a large bottom, you should avoid A-line skirts because this style puts more emphasis on your posterior. You should avoid tight skirts or ones with pleating around the waistline. Instead, try to pick dark shirts with eye-catching tops. Sadly producers of wholesale skirts seldom offer such outfits.

If you are curvier, pick an A-line skirt with a flat front, and more fluid fabric. You probably want to underline your legs, so pick a skirt with a flat front and flat textures. You should also avoid tight skirts, horizontal patterning, patch pockets and other embellishments.

If you're a shorter lady, you can rock an A-line skirt well, but it can't be too short or too long. The best height is probably knee-long, maybe slightly shorter to make your legs seem longer.

You can match them with most every top or a pair of shoes. A colorful t-shirt will make your A-line skirt casual, while an oxford shirt will make a dark skirt a perfect office ensemble.