Many people want to go back to 1950s when everything was sweet and fair, and boys asked girls out for malts. An iconic piece of the 1950s is the poodle skirt, created by Juli Lynne Charlot. It is simply a bright, solid-colored circle skirt, with a French poodle on the bottom of the garment. It's typically wide and made of soft fabric. You can easily create your own poodle shirt with iron-on patterns, if you own a wide, pleated colorful skirt, or can sew one. You can easily find wide skirts wholesale from a good supplier! The classic poodle skirts were made typically of felt, wool, or cotton. Today satin or polyester are also popular with a plush poodle.

While arguably it's a crucial part of a woman’s 1950s ensemble, such a skirt also requires a few other accessories or pieces so that you could rock that Marylin Monroe or Loraine McFly look!

What to Pair With a Poodle Skirt

The classic ensemble for the 1950s is a blouse or a tight white sweater worn with a poodle skirt. If you want to look younger, why not pick a varsity sweatshirt in the retro style or a nice cardigan? Another nice option would be a dark, short-sleeved blouse with a Peter Pan collar. Under the skirt, many women wore layers of crinolines - this added volume. You, too, could layer, especially at the 1950s-styled costume party. A pair of bloomers would be amusing as well. Some modern poodle skirts wholesale already come with built-in layers.

Whatever vintage accessories you can find, will match the poodle skirts wholesale quite well. Pick simple old-school shoes, like mary janes, saddle shoes or penny loafers - and be sure to wear white woolen socks! A nice touch will be a soft scarf, tied around a ponytail or your neck.