I simply love wearing silk scarves. They can add color, texture and some class to any outfit, and also keep you warm. What I really love the most about them is that they’re so darn versatile, and can be worn in so many ways. A scarf is more than a strip of fabric that wraps around the neck, it’s also a great fashion accessory. You can pick a long scarf trailing down to the knees for that hippy look, or draw more attention to your face with a cowl, infinity scarf or a stole. That's why many stores offer so many scarves wholesale.
But before you pick your favorite scarf, ask yourself a couple of questions. What is your skin tone? Are you an autumn, a winter? What color are your hair, your skin, and your eyes? For instance, if you’re pale, you should wear a pastel scarf otherwise the vivid color will make you look sickly. Many stores with scarves wholesale advise this to their customers. If you’re quite tall, you should consider a long, flowy shawl rather than a bandanna.
Scarves wholesale can be made of various other materials, not just silk, for example, acrylic. It's a synthetic fabric that is a great substitute for cotton: delicate, light, and warm. Of course, it can't compete with wool or cashmere, but it's far more affordable. A lot of people allergic to natural fabrics prefer acrylic or other artificial fibers like polar fleece. They are a good insulator and keep the body warm.
If you can’t afford a real pashmina or cashmere shawl, consider such synthetic fibers, or better yet, blends of wool with man-made fibers. Lambswool is very delicate and blended with cheaper fabrics it can resemble cashmere. There is no real replacement for silk, but some nylon blends might resemble it. If you can't afford a genuine silk scarf, look at scarves wholesale made of wool and cotton with some synthetic blend.