More and more women decide to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and open up their own companies. And with your new title as a boss come responsibilities. Are you a true leader? And are you a true fashionista? Well, the one time when these two duties coincide is setting a dress code for your workers. You might even want to buy wholesale shirts for your employees just to cover their bases.
However, there are many traps where an entrepreneur or supervisor can fall into before ordering large amounts of formal wear for their employees.
First of all, it is essential to learn what formal clothes you yourself like to wear. It's true! Employees will copy their boss. And later you need to decide what clothes you want your workers to follow. If you wear a double-breasted blazer, so will your assistants! Consider whether your employees need elegant two-button suits, or just a smart, creamy button-up short-sleeved shirt? Look at your business and consider what do you want your employees to look like. Remember to focus on the employees who contact your customers first. Few people mind that the IT guy comes to work in a sweater.
Consider your company budget. It's easy to underestimate the cost of corporate workwear, but you shouldn't force the employees to purchase clothes on their own. Set a strict budget for clothes and uniforms and contact the wholesale clothes suppliers to get the most value for your money.
Speaking of wholesalers, the more experienced ones should be able to provide  a variety of clothing options for both blue-collar and white-collar employees. In short, a good supplier will provide white shirts and pencil skirts for your salespeople and utility suits for your janitors. The larger your wholesale shirts order, the more money you're going to save!
When preparing an order you also should consider the capabilities for customization. If you want a T-shirt with a custom logo or embroidered name of the company on the cuffs, go for it! You might want to go one step further - for instance customizing each shirt for an individual employee. This will grant your company unique flair and increase the workers' loyalty.