A tunic is essentially a long, looser top. A long, baggy T-shirt could be considered a tunic; especially on a short shapely lady. It’s wider and longer than a shirt but not as long as a dress. It can be very fetching, especially if you remember that women come in all shapes and sizes. Wholesale tunics can mask any “blobby” feel, and you can look great in one.

As long as you purchase a wholesale tunics that flatters you and is not super tight, you will look great. A tunic should flow and flounce - and not cling to your body. You don’t want your belly to show - so a tunic should be fitted especially in the upper body area. It should drape from your shoulders and chest, you want to look free, not blobby.

There are many tunics that can flatter you and many different shapes and necklines. Some tunics are simple, straight - and perfect for a belt. A belt can underline your waist or create an optical illusion of you having one.

A tunic shouldn’t be worn with a pair of shorts or a mini-skirt - it will create an illusion that you’re wearing nothing underneath. If you want to wear shorts, pick knee-long Bermudas or better yet, distressed jeans. In fact, I personally think that a tunic works best with a pair of skinny jeans, leggings or other fitted pants.

Likewise, a tunic is pretty versatile, and you could use shoes to dress it up and down. A pair of heels will make you seem even taller in a tunic, while flats will create a more casual look. Remember that if you’re wearing a belt, it should match your shoes.

You can dress up a tunic with other accessories. Jewelry like brooches will look great on a monochromatic tunic, and you can draw attention to your face and chest with a simple necklace.