My mother always told me never to wear white, unless it’s my wedding day. I am a big girl, and big girls don’t look pristine in all-white outfit, they look like it’s the laundry day and someone’s air-drying linen. Seriously, though, I looked through my wardrobe and discovered a couple of ways anyone can rock a white outfit in any season, including winter. That's why I don't buy yes pants from a men's trousers wholesaler.

White works best during the summer - especially linen and cotton, which are very breathable. Black color absorbs sun rays, white one reflects them - and so you will stand out, shine. You can also try flowing, loose summer dresses or similar flowy apparels.

However, you can also wear white during the winter - only if you bother to shift to warmer fabrics like wool and cashmere. White linen pants are perfect for summer, but white jeans or white parkas will look great for winter. Some people dislike wearing them when there’s snow lying on about, but you can rock them in the city. White leather or fur (fake or natural) can also be a great winter statement piece.

The best thing about neutral color is that you can match them with nearly everything. You can match whites with other whites - as long as you combine them with different textures or materials. A white lacy top will work great with a cotton or silken skirt. I personally found out that this is quite slimming - makes you look taller. Any men's trousers wholesaler will tell you this.

And there are various shades of white - if you have a pale skin tone, whites aren’t exactly for you… but spice it up with pale pinks or greys and you can rock the white ensemble.

One danger of an all-white costume, especially for women, is that it’s more see-through. Many women like to wear black bras and they will be especially visible through the lightweight top. Use a camisole or an undershirt.