I just love shorts! They’re fashionable, they’re slender, they’re fancy and they feel so great! So you may think “But Bertha, who wears shorts after they've finished university”. Or “Wholesale Shorts should be thin and easy to wear, not restrictive and tight”. And of course, you’re correct. But these fancy shorts do offer some fun fashion action!
Some people love high-waisted shorts. The length of the waist depends on the torso length. If you happen to be a short lady, you might want to avoid the high-waisted bottoms. Since your body is already quite short, high-waist might come almost to your cleavage. This also applies if your bust is large, also creating tho optical look of a shorter body. Do you want to cover it from both top and bottom! Instead, pick shorts that reach past your hip bones but don’t reach the thinnest part of your waistline.
Shorts are likely to show some leg, but essentially, if anything other than your leg is glimpsing from underneath your shorts, abandon them. To test this, you should put something heavier in the pockets like house keys or a wallet. High-waisted shorts are a bit fancier than usual ones, so you might want to pick a bit longer ones. Let your arms hang limply along your body - the pants can’t be shorter than the ends of your fingertips. 
High-waisted wholesale shorts are elegant enough to tuck your shirt in. During the summer months, you can look quite professional with a buttoned-down short-sleeved shirt. But you can also keep it informal with a tank-top or a T-shirt, while still staying fashionable with hues and prints. And if you want to stay womanly, why not soften up the look with a flirty delicate blouse, for example a ruched or ruffled one?