Until fairly recently, wholesale hats were a must-have for any wardrobe, but today few people wear them. And it’s too bad, really - a hat can go well with any outfit and redefine or define your individual style. Perhaps you want to reinvent yourself and add a beautiful hat to your personal wardrobe. You have plenty of choices, but what’s most important is to find the hat that will work with your head and appeal to your tastes.

You need to consider why exactly you need a new hat. Do you want it for everyday use? For special outing, to match your new dress, to protect you in the sun or rain when fishing? All of these require a different hat. Look closely at the hat styles in your range, through the fashion magazines, catalogues, or fashion blogs to get more ideas. Remember, though, that your hat needs to match your physique - balancing your dimensions rather than exaggerating them. A hat will tall crown will make you taller, and one with a wide-brim either thinner or larger. You should also match the hat to your face shape and your best colors.

My favorite way for determining the shape of the face is via lipstick on mirror. Show your face, unobscured by bangs or collars in the mirror, standing upfront. Mark the following points on the mirror: the top of your hairline, the widest point of your cheekbones, your temples, your jaw line, and the bottom of your chin.

If your face is long, narrow, but with fairly wide jaw and hairline, it’s oblong. You want a hat that’s more horizontal - cloches, titled fedoras or floppy berets.

If it’s longer than it’s wide, and cheekbones are wider, you can wear just about anything.

Round faces are more circular, so you need to balance it with angular shapes like fedoras or borsalinos.

Square faces are similar to round, buy you have wide hairline and probably large jaws. Balance the sharp edges of our face with soft designs.

Diamond and triangular faces are fairly universal, but don’t wear tall hats that will put too much emphasis on the top of your head.

And if you have a sharp chin and wide forehead, you have a heart-shaped face. Narrow your head with small brimmed hats.

Match the hat with your personal style and now you’re all set!

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