There's a new sensation that's sweeping the nation. Dozens of boutiques buy women's tights wholesale. Colourful tights and leggings are excellent, snugly, very evocative and can easily transform any costume into an elegant and unique outfit. Of course, they are somewhat difficult to coordinate with other clothes. Bright, vivid accessories like colourful tights can often clash a lot with many different outfits, so let’s have a look at some of the ways how to handle them.

First, let's consider the patterns. Bright, colourful tights look great if they have vivid, recognisable patterns. And the same goes with single-coloured tights matched with patterned clothes. For example, a pair of blue or red tights will look fantastic with a gingham dress or a skirt with an animal print.

Can you wear your colourful tights to work? Well, it depends. If they don’t attract undue attention, they're probably okay. Red tights might seem daring, but the red colour is perfectly okay for a business suit - and I can imagine a perfectly conservative dark skirt suit with red pantyhose. In fact, you don’t need to combine your tights with a lot of other bright colours. Combining a formal skirt with an informal, colourful pair of tights, you can look chic and elegant. You can also choose more toned down colours, like aqua, navy, teal or mustard yellow.

Of course clothes in the vivid hues work best during the daytime, so they might not work as well as a part of your evening ensemble. If you wear such a pair of tights to a club, you will quite likely look like a small spoiled brat. Save your bright tights for work or casual occasions.

But what's best about the colourful women's tights wholesale is that you can wear them under mini skirts or shorts. They can bring out a splash of colour during the cold months.