Every girl I know has had her favorite item of clothing. And for many of us, it is often a beloved T-shirt. Sometimes, though we can't wear it because it's now too small... or because it embiggened itself. Perhaps it was a present, or maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight since you've worn it,  or maybe that was the only size of a shirt with your favorite band… Stores that buy t shirt wholesale often don't pay much attention to sizes. And so, you might want to shrink the shirt in the laundry so that it will be more wearable.

If you want to shrink it most effectively, simply use your washing machine. The tag will inform you how it’s produced since the certain fabrics shrink with heat, and others won’t. For instance, cotton and wool will shrink when you clean them in hot water. Your shirt could have some washing advice on the tag - and you want to break these rules. The tag might designate a particular water temperature, like warm (60-90 C) or cool (30); wash it in different temperature to shrink the shirt.

If your shirt is made of cotton, you can also try shrinking it simply by using a sink full of hot water. To make the water even hotter, pour some boiling water into it there. And if want to, add a teaspoon of laundry detergent to the sink - remember to rinse your shirt later, though. Don't rub it, just let it soak for about five minutes, then pull it out and dry it - using a tumble dryer might shrink the clothes even further. But you want to dry your shirt on the rack or spread it on a dry towel - just don’t hang on the rack or clothesline.

You could seek professional help - there are many tailors who would gladly reduce your shirt, or dry cleaners who would also help you with cleaning and shrinking. Everyone who makes t shirt wholesale is super knowledgeable about this.