Colored trousers work great, especially when paired with dark tops. They can be paired with neutrals, complementary colors or monochromatic clothing. You can easily incorporate your bright, blazing pants with your fashionable wardrobe. The most obvious pair is matching the colorful trousers with black shirts and shoes. This will make your legs stand out. You can get colorful pants at the same place you get wholesale mens trousers. The colorful pants shouldn’t be dark, so avoid brown, beige or navy.

How to balance your pants

If you want to balance the vividness of the pants, try a blazer. If your pants are bright colored - blue, teal, pink or red, you might want to pair the trousers with a neutral blazer. It will give you that professional work look. And beneath it, wear a mild-colored off-white top.

A neutral or patterned cardigan is a good compromise between the professionalism and cozy feel. If you wear bright red jeans, pair them with a navy cardigan. And a dark patterned cardigan could work well with mustard-colored pants.

More on vivid colors

If you want another vivid top, you shouldn’t wear the same color your pants are - you’ll look like a monochromatic blob of color instead. Your top and bottom should be color coordinated.

If your pants are warm colored, pick cold colors for your top: pink, red, peach, plum and yellow jeans with grey shirts or shoes, pumpkin orange, pastel pink, mint green, baby blue and olive green with brown shirts. The more vivid the colors, the more toned the top should be!

For more casual look, save your bright neon colored clothes. These are very visible, and perfect for sunny days and visiting bars.

Another look worth trying out is bright colored wholesale mens trousers with a simple white buttoned-down shirt. It looks preppy, but it combines bright pants with a bright top and makes you stand out. Denim shirts can also work very well with colorful pants, but are less formal.