Maybe you have a great idea for a T-shirt design, but you can’t find it anywhere else? Well, with transfer paper it’s no longer a problem. With enough resources like wholesale t shirts you can easily start printing in large quantities. Remember that transfer printing on t-shirts has its own problems.

If you have an image prepared, you can use a graphic design program to plan it out. But if you don’t have much experience with these programs, you can use simply your text editors like MS Word or Libre Office. It has not only a wide variety of fonts installed, but also many clipart you might use. You can convert any text into WordArt. But the greatest advantage is that it’s basically a manager for a virtual sheet of paper. You can easily grab and stretch your picture until it covers the area you want it to take. It’s very easy to change it from vertical to a horizontal picture.

What’s very important is to use the “Flip Horizontal” function if you’re going to press the image on the white shirt. There are two kinds of transfer paper - light and dark. On light transfer paper, the image will be reversed, so you also need to use “flip horizontal” before the printing. Print the image on regular paper to see how it will look like, then print on the wax side of the transfer paper. It depends on your exact printer, but usually, you need to put the paper in with wax side on the bottom. Cut out any unnecessary details, the wax will As the image dries out, prepare the shirt for the ironing - wash it, lay it on a countertop, heat up the iron to the hottest but without steam. Once you’re ready, start ironing it on, heating the section for about 30 seconds. It should cool down after a while - you can peel back the paper and enjoy your image. Get more wholesale t shirts and start printing!