There are many nail salons that offer many services for fingers and toes. And there're many ladies that love to visit them… so many, in fact, that often the owners of these places can’t quite manage to provide the customers with sanitary conditions. If you want to use a nail salon, first always check it for sanitary conditions, there're all sorts of nasty infections you do not want to catch! You don't want to get dirt on your t shirts wholesale cheap!

It’s easy to say that “this salon is very neat”, the floors, ceilings, and walls are very well groomed. Obviously, if the floor has nail clippings or dead skin all over it, turn on your heel and march out. But watch closely for basic hygienic conditions as well - in many places, the nail salon is a repurposed basement, so look for mold, dirt or some other grime. In other states, there are strict requirements for the manicurist technicians - check with them and research the place online before visiting.

And of course, the work stations should look wiped down and free from the leftovers of the previous customers. A good example of focusing down is looking at the pedicure tub. It should be drained, cleaned and refilled before each treatment - and the same concerns all the other stations. They should use microfibre to clean it up, not just t shirts wholesale cheap.

You need to examine the cleanliness of the tools and implements as well. Check how does the crew treat nail clippers, cuticle scissors or other tools. Are they cleared? Kept in air-tight pouches? Soaked in disinfectants? Or maybe do they use an autoclave? And the behavior and competence of the workers is also very important. Watch how do they treat the tools, do they put them away properly, wash their hands or wear nitrile gloves?

And if you still feel unsafe, you can bring your own set of instruments - or assemble one yourself. That’s not that weird, this way you’ll always have the necessary tools for yourself and if you want professional care, you’ll know where the tools have been. But in this way the responsibility for keeping the instruments clean is yours!