Even though I am long past my college years, I still wear a hoodie occasionally. And well, I haven’t grown since then, and if some of my dimensions expanded it was mostly sideways. Some hoodies still feel too big, some, especially old and second-hand hoodies might be comfortable and baggy. I might buy a hoodie wholesale, but why pay? So I took it upon myself to repurpose them into fashionable clothing with just a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. You, too, can cut your hoodie to a manageable size.

Sometimes I feel tempted to take my boyfriend’s large, wonderfully warm hoodie and cut it to my size. But I actually start by zipping it up and turning it inside out. My boyfriend looked how well it looks on me, we pinched the baggy space under the armpits and measured where the new armpits should be - to remove the excess fabric.

After this, go down the right side, putting a pinch every 5 cm or so, to mark down the baggy layer. You want the most fitted look. Do it on the left side as well, to be as even as possible. Return to the armpit and pinch the area underneath your arm until it is fitted, do it with both arms naturally. Once the sides of your new cut are fit, stretch your arms up and to the sides. If you need to reduce the vertical size of the hoodie as well, cut the waistband and the wristband as well!

After measuring cut the marked pieces on a flat, smooth worktable. Remember to use a tape measure to create straight lines and to leave some space outside of the pins. Start cutting from the bottom. And after this, take out your sewing machine outside the pins, sewing both pieces of the sweatshirt. If you cut the sleeves, remember to reattach the elastic bands and waistband. Cut off any excess material outside the seam, turn the hoodie back the right size on and try it! Or you can just get a hoodie wholesale and save yourself some work!