So I am a little plus sized. Sure I try to fight this, by not sweetening my tea and biking to work, and it’s working… but in the meantime, I still need to look fabulous. Looking good is not just a function of your body mass or knowing the latest trends. I reiterate, fashion is the art of showing off your best features and feeling comfortable! That’s why you need to use it to make the most of your curves.

The foundation of your look is your underclothes. If your underwear doesn’t support you sufficiently, your normal clothes might look ruffled and chaotic. If you’re plus-sized, you probably need a larger, firmer bra, which will help you lift your figure and make you look younger. Badly fitted bra can cause backaches and lesions. Likewise, shapewear or similar slimming underpants can help you lose girth around your hips. And you can always hide a large or small bust with t shirts wholesale.

To accentuate or hide certain areas of your body you need to know how to efficiently manage this. Dark colors hide, light colors highlight. If you have an hourglass silhouette, wear a light belt over a dark tunic or shirt. If you want to hide your large butt, wear dark pants and a light bottom. Large, visible patterns will make you bigger, and smaller patterns look you smaller. Vertical stripes make you taller, while horizontal - wider. Horizontal strips on a shirt make your bust bigger - and when i ordered t shirts wholesale I always ordered some extra sailor shirts.

An advantage of being a large woman is that you can wear large accessories that would overwhelm smaller ladies - gaudy earrings, long scarves or large necklaces. A large handbag looks tiny next to you! I personally like hefty boots, like military-style. My frame can tolerate this, and they make my legs look longer! I occasionally wear heels, but I do like some wedge heels, which makes me taller and feels stable.

And above all, be self-confident. Tent, baggy clothes aren’t flattering enough - while they hide my size, they also hide my curves. Hiding flaws makes you just a blob, you need to showcase your strengths. Fashion is supposed to make you feel good, provide aesthetic pleasure. If you don’t have fun shopping or wearing new clothes, experiment and find your style!