Who didn’t love the snow as a kid? Well, the people who lived in the regions where it never snowed probably. Or people who had asthma or got cold easily or… you know, a lot of kids didn’t. But I did and a lot of kids I knew loved it too. Kids tend to love the snowy weather, but parents often discover that keeping them warm during the winter is a real challenge.

That’s why I personally go shopping for winter clothes like wholesale coats in the fall. I consider getting them tops, sweaters with long sleeves, thick pants, and clothes for layers - jeans and leggings. Any parent when buying clothes for students should consider getting clothes one or two sizes larger and of good quality so that they would last for years!

The perfect winter clothes for kids are long lasting, waterproof, cold proof and warm. Remember to cover the head (a lot of heat is lost through the head), and the well-blooded bits like feet, hands, and neck. And teach your kid to dress up - not just to dress up into a coat, but to put on the boots and tie a scarf. And before they set out, consider what are they wearing - tell them to put on thick underwear and socks - sometimes even two layers of socks could be okay. Carry a third pair in case they get wet!

Any good parent talks to their kids - so before you set them out to play, ask them what will they be doing, and match their clothes accordingly, if you want to get wholesale coats for them, do so. Remember, adults tend to walk, but kids love to run - don’t overdress them if they want to play and go sledding! If it’s sunny, you might want to put the sunscreen on them - UV light is still on, and it’s reflected from the snow. You might want to grab a thermal mug full of tea or cocoa for them! And if they’re ready for the winter wonderland, let them have fun!