Recent studies have shown that in Europe an average woman owns more or less 100 pairs of shoes in her life - and most of these won’t ever see the light of day. These are stored like wholesale classic shoes. I think that many of them are totally impractical, and resemble instruments of medieval torture rather than comfortable, elegant footwear. The heels do indeed resemble stilettos - long, thin and prone to break, and the straps dig into the skin and the shoes are so pointed that they give you blisters after ten minutes. No wonder women often are stereotyped as being obsessed with shoes - because they can be one step away from disaster. Painful shoes seem to come with the territory.

So why wear high heels? Well, they make you look great, and elongate your legs, making you taller. They improve your silhouette and make your legs appear slimmer and can give you an illusion that you’ve lost a couple of kilograms. They’re chic, adorable, glamorous and favored by all Hollywood celebrities on red carpets or fashion shows. That's why any wholesaler can present you many wholesale classic shoes.

A properly fitting shoe is, of course, fitting your foot size and supports your feet. But what is a shoe size? Size 35 in one shop might be smaller than in another. And all women know - especially moms or prospective moms - that foot can swell during the day, and so it’s better to err on the size of a number too large. And so, always try on shoes before you buy and shop for shoes during the day - that’s why I seldom buy shoes online, preferring to choose wholesale classic shoes.

If fact, if I have a day free, I like to buy shoes first thing in the morning  And I like to have a good walk in them before buying, to see if they rub my foot sides and fit snugly so that the foot won’t develop blisters. If you want to save money, you could buy shoes online - but choose reliable vendors who will allow you to return the shoes if they won’t fit.