Skinny jeans have been more or less present for nearly a century now. Yes, people wore denim in the 1920s, though that was mostly working clothes or cowboy gear. And soon after the addition of elastane, spandex or lycra to the pants, jeans became softer and more elastic. Lycra has amazing elasticity and we all enjoy sneaking into skinny jeans. Wholesale jeans are a mainstay of every dealer in clothes. These days even men enjoy them. Many jeans combine now the skinny look with frayed hem

Skinny jeans look great, especially when tucked under a long tunic or cardigan, and they accentuate your silhouette or your curves. People seem to prefer them to baggy, loose relaxed fit jeans. The current climate is tied to fitness and many women (and a lot of men!) want to present their shapely silhouette, their diet, and their healthy lifestyle. And so, retailers have a lot of wholesale jeans that are very skinny. The trend for relaxed fits meant that healthy women had few problems with present their body type. No wonder why the various clothes stores now buy a lot of skinny wholesale jeans - they certainly don’t have problems with a lack of customers!

Skinny jeans will be a reasonable style choice. Many major brands offer them for both men and women and offer many styles in order to appeal to a broader spectrum of male body type. Of course, there are many different styles that are popular simultaneously - if you want to, you can wear skinny jeans on Monday, flared jeans on Tuesday and loose boyfriend jeans on Wednesday. There’s even a trend for mom jeans, which are high waisted, loose, slightly cropped and tapered. You don’t have to be a fashion goddess to wear skinny jeans or other pants. There are lots of various styles for men, but the average man hasn’t really embraced the skinny jeans. Even though on average jeans in stores or warehouses in case of wholesale jeans are now more slim fit than they used to be in hip-hop 90s.