I know many people that are obsessed with cleanliness and wash their hands every hour on the hour. Well, these people are in for a nasty shock -- antibacterial soap is just plain harmful. That’s the one thing you should never use if you want to stay healthy. American FDA which is responsible for overseeing food and consumer products’ safety has recently banned it - and it seems that many European countries will do the same. Many ingredients in these soaps, including triclosan and triclocarban, have been proven to do more harm than good.

According to the tests and evidence, there’s no scientific evidence that antibacterial soaps are better at preventing a spread of germs than regular soap and water. The manufacturers can’t confirm their claims of any improvement, and they can’t prove that they are more effective than regular soap. While triclosan was effective in killing bacteria - in extended washes, not in washing hands - it can change the microbiome and contribute to antibiotic resistance. The soaps containing it will be pulled out of the market during the year.

So what does it mean to you, the reader? First of all, you should stop buying and using the so-called “antibacterial” soap. Many of my friends who are in my opinion dependent on them should cut on constant germophobia and slowly -- even with professional help -- build up a resistance. Instead, switch to plain soap and water, and maybe carry a couple of disposable gloves. If you want to gussy up before that special date, here instead you'll find a couple of tips to prepare yourself for the date!