Imagine this - you and your boyfriend walk through the autumn park, with golden leaves flowing down, your hand in his. He looks you in the eye, invites you to a classy restaurant just opposite the park, walks with you to his apartment… And well, long story short, you wake up next day and put on his shirt and trousers. That’s how the whole concept of “boyfriend jeans” came to be. Boyfriend jeans are slightly oversized, perhaps more worn out… and of course, you can buy them off-the-peg. There are even wholesale sweaters for men… sold in women’s sections!

In general, we ladies have a good reason to raid our boyfriend’s closets and take a couple of pieces of his wardrobe. Jeans, checkered shirts, hats, jackets, wholesale sweaters for men -- this slightly oversized look can and will look great on many women! Before your partner throws out that worn out pair of jeans, you should take a look at it - and if you are skilled in tailoring you could fix it as well.

Remember, when you wear male straight-leg jeans, that they should reach your ankles. You don’t want to be the little girl in big brother’s baggy jeans, nor you want to be a big girl in short pants on a laundry day. Wearing heels or rolling up the trouser legs or sleeves can only take you so far.

The general rule is that you combine the contrast. If your bottom is more loose and baggy, you can match it with a more form-fitting top, like a vintage sports shirt. And since it is somewhat masculine, perhaps the top should be also feminine - if you want to be sexy, not tough, avoid wholesale sweaters for men. You might add heels to the jeans for that extra feminine touch.

Large jeans go well with a leather belt - and yeah, it’s quite likely that you’re going to need it anyway. You and your boyfriend make a cute couple, and wearing his clothes can be sexy!