A petite woman is not to be confused with a tomboy or boyish look. A petite woman is simply short, less that five feet four inches (or 160 cm). And a plus-size woman is generally size fourteen or above, and so you can be a petite plus-sized lady. This is somewhat annoying stance; if you’re not dressing properly, you might appear boxy or round, you want to show off your best features. And it only takes a few changes in your wardrobe and style to significantly improve your appearance. 

First of all, if you’re short and round - avoid large prints. Large prints work for tall ladies, but us petite ladies should stick to smaller patterns and pair them with solids for the most flattering look. Ideally, each creation should be complemented with only one patterned piece.

Don’t wear baggy clothing - you might think it helps you hide your body, but in the end, you’ll look even bigger! Instead, focus on the more fitted clothing. Try on every outfit before purchasing, to make sure it’s not too baggy or too tight. You can always ask a friend to come with you, and help you choose. And if you’re shopping for clothes online and aren’t sure, check the sizing chart, you can even e-mail the store, sending them your measurement. Remember that sizes can vary from one brand or designer to the next.

It’s commonly known that black makes you slimmer - so petite plus-sized women tend to wear dark colors. Avoid this! There is such a thing as too much, and you’re limiting yourself in regards to color. A monochromatic outfit would be seen as slimming as well. You could also enrich your wardrobe with colorful accessories like scarves or hats - and with jewelry and makeup, you draw more attention to your face.

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