Woman not wearing treggingsLeggings are a very comfortable piece of clothing, working great for the gym and exercise even for men, but they can also be worn as a winter alternative to tights. But for many workplaces they are fairly inappropriate. In many countries, they wouldn’t be accepted as outerwear outside of exercise.  And so, trousers were combined with leggings to create the weird combo known thus as “treggings”. This weird hybrid mixes the comfort of leggings with sleek appearance of pants. Treggings are essentially a nicer form of jeggings, with no denim or corduroy elements, which you can wear if jeans aren’t acceptable in your workplace. They fit just like leggings but are made out of thicker fabric. They provide the wearer with significant mobility. The elastic waist and zipper might confuse you, but treggings are more than just tight trousers.

You can combine the treggings with a fun jacket or other outerwear, though they’re soft and elastic so they won’t fit more formal suit jackets. They best work paired with a kurta, soft blazer or a cardigan instead of a formal top. If you think they put too much emphasis on your thighs, it’s safe to pair them with longer tops like sweatshirt tunics or a loose pullover. While it’s more tough and heavier than leggings, they can be also quite distracting, so here you can invest in panty liners. For all intents and purposes, though, jeggings are working like regular trousers.

Treggings have an extra advantage of being as versatile as the leggings - available in dozens of prints, styles, and shapes. You can control them, and instead of embellishments which will get destroyed sooner or later, you can simply use graphic prints and patterns like stripes, gingham or polka dots. You can wear them with a matched tailored jacket for that perfect mix of smart and sleek.