When someone says “leather jacket” what comes to your mind? If I was wearing one, I think I’d look like a middle-aged lady trying to be a biker chick, one that resents her family and kids, and hops on the motorcycle to “like, get away from it all”. On the other hand, a different cut could reveal a lot more - including the fact that I do enjoy punk rock music (and I do mean real punk, Clash, and the Pogues, not the sold out bullshit that goes out now). So many leather jackets are a very fashionable piece of clothing. Many stores and boutiques have many different leather jackets, and always stock up on them when they buy outerwear wholesale. Once you bought that leather jacket, you can wear it in numerous ways.

On a casual day out with friends, you could wear the leather black jacket with a plain tank top and skinny jeans, paired with shiny ballet flats. Or you could tie the opposites - toss the leather jacket on a floral dress, with black leggings and a pair of heeled boots worn underneath. You can experiment with matching feminine clothing or many different pieces of outerwear wholesale.

And you can wear your leather jacket for work - if it’s not too tough nor adorned with zippers, studs or weird flaps. A stylish, shiny leather jacket can be a great supplement for a white blouse or a dark pencil skirt. If your employers are buying outerwear wholesale to give you a uniform, and you have to travel a lot, you can mention that you could wear a leather jacket.

And if you’re going for that important date, you can still rock a leather jacket without intimidating your boyfriend. Underneath you can wear a tightly fitted feminine, sexy dress, matched with a pair of amazing hair. And to soften that you can wear pearls or fancy earrings.

So now go, grab some outerwear wholesale, add it to your wardrobe!