Your mum might have told you that a college is a place for education and self-improvement. Your dad might think that it’s a place for educating the workers of tomorrow. Some might say that it’s a place for building connections. But the truth remains that you need to put your back to schoolwork and get good grades… So fashion is the last thing on many a student’s minds. Good fashion, however, can give you energy and self-confidence you might use to graduate quicker. So dressing up in a fancy outfit, better than a pair of baggy sweatpants and a sweater could change your world.

A university is a semi-formal setting, it requires abandoning your high school attitudes. It’s no longer appropriate to wear baggy sweatpants and a hoodie. You need a decent pair of jeans, a cardigan, and a simple tee. This is still school, so you don’t need more formal clothes. Match it with weather-appropriate shoes, like a pair of flats, converses or more fancy boots.

Since university classes are often held during cooler months, you can get a pair of jeans that’s fairly disused and use them to dress up in layers. Get a long tank-top, the first layer should be the longest. Then throw a T-shirt on it, display its pattern and throw a cardigan or an unzipped hoodie if it’s colder and voila, you got a new creation! Treat this as an autumn jacket rather than the usual outer shell, and match it with appropriate flat shoes.

Guys like when girls wear dresses. Dresses might seem impractical for classes, but they’re still comfortable and perfect for casual wear. Pair a cute, tighter sweater, or just about anything, really for the skirt, just don’t wear baggy tops. And the more formal the top, the more formal the shoes should be.